The Bristol Independents Christmas loyalty card

Bristol Independents,, are running a simple Christmas loyalty card scheme, giving people an extra incentive for doing their Christmas shopping in independent businesses. There are great prizes t be won and it’s even easier to fill in a card if you shop using Bristol Pounds.

The loyalty card is a joint promotion between Bristol Independents, Bristol Pound and the Federation of Small Businesses’ Keep Trade Local campaign.Customers can collect stamps in their loyalty cards while they do their Christmas shopping – one stamp per purchase, plus a bonus stamp if they pay in Bristol Pounds. When they’ve collected 5 stamps they can enter their card into a prize draw to win fabulous prizes from participating independents.

There are currently over 70 businesses signed-up and around 28 prizes – but we expect both lists to grow between now and when traders stop stamping on Christmas Eve.

Shoppers taking part get to avoid the horrors of the out-of-town shopping malls, or the anonymity of the online giants, everyone gets great Christmas presents, and anyone entering the draw gets a chance to win themselves something nice for the New Year – it’s a win-win-win situation…

Download your own card, and see the list of participating businesses at:

TXT2PAY Celebration Dinner at Zazu’s Kitchen

Last week, the whole of the Bristol Pound team came together to officially pat each other on the back and enjoy a delicious meal at Zazu’s Kitchen, one of our new Bristol Pound businesses.

The food was fantastic and the atmosphere perfect for a celebration. It was great having everyone who has contributed to the development of the project, either past or present, together in one room. It is amazing how many different people, from all different walks of life, have made this project possible.

The finale to the evening came when all 20 of us paid for our feast with TXT2PAY. No one had to leave their seats, and each text went through in a matter of seconds. The Zazu’s staff loved it, and were all excited by the speed of the payment. It was great not having to use a card machine. There was no waiting, once we were given our bill and worked out who had eaten (and drunk) what, payments were made from the comfort of our seats.

After a long evening of Bristol Pound bought delicacies, the team made their way back to each of their different areas of Bristol. Some of us walked, some cycled, but only Mark decided it was a good idea to mountain board all the way down Gloucester Road. Farewell Mark.